Happy New Year

Michigan Veterans Affairs (MVAA) Agency and the Michigan Veteran Coalition (MVC)

I am not sure about you, but I am hoping that 2021 will be way better than in 2020.  The pandemic continues to strain businesses, government /healthcare resources, families, and everyone’s mental health.

While many Michigan counties have a Veterans’ Affairs office, the others have no primary resource to assist veterans.  There are agencies like the Michigan Veterans Affairs (MVAA) Agency and the Michigan Veteran Coalition (MVC) to help fill those gaps.

The MVAA various programs to help connect with veterans.  The Buddy to Buddy volunteer mentorship program supports veterans of all eras in linking them to resources that address multiple issues.  This program requires volunteers that can provide veterans with one-on-mentorship.  The MVAA also has a program called “Check on MIVet.”  This program aims to provide the employment, education, healthcare, quality of life, or other resource information they need to thrive.  To learn more, go to www.michiganveterans.com/mvaaCheckonMIVET.

The Michigan Veterans Coalition comprises representatives from the following four veteran service organizations: American Legion, Disabled American Veterans, Vietnam Veterans of America, and Veterans of Foreign Wars. The MVC employs Veteran Service Officers (VSO) to assist veterans and their dependents in gathering information necessary to support a claim and file a claim.  The MVC can also help with filing appeals for denied claims.  The MVC has VSOs throughout the state of Michigan.  To find out who is in your county, go to www.michiganveterans.com/find-benefits-counselor

We all have our views on how to handle this pandemic.  Whether it aligns with the elected officials and the Michigan Health Department’s or not, please show kindness and courtesy to those around us.  COVID continues to pit people against each other. Please don’t allow it into your bubble of relationship to ruin them. 

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